His Supplication in Yearning

His Supplication in Yearning to Ask Forgiveness from God


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household,
           make us go to the repentance that Thou lovest
           and make us leave the persistence that Thou hatest!


O God,
           when we halt before two decreases,
                     in religion or in this world,
           let the decrease fall upon that which passes quickly
                     and relent in that which lasts the longer!


           When we set out after two concerns,
                     one of which makes Thee pleased with us
                     and the other of which displeases Thee,
           incline us toward that which makes Thee pleased
                     and weaken our strength in that which displeases Thee!


           Leave not our souls alone to choose in that,
                     for they choose falsehood
                               except inasmuch as Thou givest success,
                     and they command to evil
                               except inasmuch as Thou hast mercy!78


O God,
           thou created us from frailty,79
           built us up from feebleness,
                     and began us from a mean water;80
           we have no force except through Thy strength
                     and no strength except through Thy help.


           So confirm us
                     by giving us success,
           point us the right way
                     by Thy pointing,
           blind the eyes of our hearts
                     toward everything opposed to Thy love,
           and set not in any of our limbs
                     passage to disobeying Thee!


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household
           and assign
                               the whisperings of our hearts,
                               the movements of our members,
                               the glances of our eyes,
                               and the idioms of our tongues,
                     to that which makes incumbent Thy reward, lest
                     a good deed slip by us,
                               through which we might deserve Thy repayment,
                     or an evil deed remain with us,
                               by which we might merit Thy punishment!