The Supplication for Friday

In the Name of God, the All-Merciful,
the All-compassionate


All Praise belongs to God,
          the First before the bringing forth and the giving of life,
                    and the Last after the annihilation of all things,
          the All-knowing who forgets not him who remembers Him,300
                    decreases not him who thanks Him,301
                    disappoints not him who supplicates Him,
                    and cuts not off the hope of him who hopes in Him!


O God,
          I call Thee to witness
                    - and Thou art sufficient witness - and I call to witness
                    all Thy angels,
                    the inhabitants of Thy heavens,
                    the bearers of Thy Throne,
                    Thy prophets and Thy messengers whom Thou hast sent out,
                    and the various kinds of creatures Thou hast brought forth,
          that I bear witness
                    that Thou art God;
                              there is no god but Thou, Thou alone,
                              who hast no associate nor any equal,
                              and Thy word has no failing,
                                        nor any change;302
                    and that Muhammad (God bless him and his Household)
                              is Thy servant and Thy messenger;
                    he delivered to the servants
                              that with which Thou charged him,
                    he struggled for God as is His due,303
                    he gave the good news of the truth of reward,
                    and he warned of the veracity of punishment.


O God,
          make me firm in Thy religion
                    as long as Thou keepest me alive,
          make not my heart to swerve
                    after Thou hast guided me,
          and give me mercy from Thee,
                    surely Thou art the Giver.304
          Bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,
                    make me one of his followers and his partisans,
                    muster me in his band,
                    and give me the success of
                              accomplishing the obligatory observance of Friday,
                              performing the acts of obedience
                                        which Thou has made incumbent upon me within it,
                              and [receiving] the bestowal
                                        which Thou hast apportioned for its people
                                        on the Day of Recompense!
                    Surely Thou art Mighty, All-wise!305