The Supplication for Monday

sIn the Name of God, the All-Merciful,
the All-compassionate


Praise belongs to God,
          who allowed none to witness
                    when He created the heavens and the earth,
          and who took no helper
                    when He authored the spirits!


He has no associate in Divinity
          and no support in Unity.


Tongues fall silent before the limit of describing Him,
          intellects fail before the core of knowing Him,
          tyrants fall low in awe of Him,
          faces are humbled in fear of Him,291
          and everything mighty
                    yields to His mightiness!


So to Thee belongs praise,
          again and again, well-measured,
          continually, methodically!


And may His blessings be upon His Messenger endlessly,
          His salutation everlastingly, eternally!


O God, make
          the beginning of this day of mine righteousness,
          its middle prosperity,
                    and its end success!
          I seek refuge in Thee
                    from a day whose beginning is fright,
                    whose middle is anxiety,
                    and whose end is pain!


O God,
          I pray forgiveness from Thee
                    for every vow I have vowed,
                    every promise I have promised,
                              and every pledge I have pledged
                    and then failed to keep for Thee.


I ask Thee concerning the complaints of Thy servants against me:
          If there is a servant from among Thy servants
                    or a handmaid from among Thy handmaids,
          who has against me
                    a complaint because I have wronged him in respect to
                              his reputation,
                              his property,
                              his wife or his child,
                    evil words I have spoken about him in his absence,
                    an imposition upon him through inclination,
                              false show,
                    whether he be absent or present,
                              alive or dead,
                    such that my hand has fallen short
                              and my capacity has been too narrow
                              to make restitution to him
                              or to annul my obligation to him,


          I ask Thee,
                    O He who owns all objects of need
                              - which are granted by His will
                              and hasten to His desire -
          that Thou blessest Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,
          makest [the one I have wronged] satisfied with me
                    in the manner that Thou willest,
          and givest me mercy from Thee!
          Forgiveness decreases Thee not
                    and giving injures Thee not,
          O Most Merciful of the merciful!


O God,
          give me on every Monday two favours from Thee:
                    the felicity to obey Thee
                              at its beginning
                    and the favour of Thy forgiveness
                              at its end!
          O He who is God
                    and none other than whom grants forgiveness for sins!