The Supplication for Sunday

In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate


In the name of God,
          from whom I hope for nothing but bounty,
          and from whom I fear nothing but justice!
          I rely only upon His word,
                    and I cling only to His cord!


          In Thee I seek sanctuary
                    - O Possessor of pardon and good pleasure -
                    from wrong and enmity,
                    from the changes of time and the recurrence of sorrows,
                    from the striking of mishaps,
                    and from the expiration of my term
                              before preparation and readiness.


          From Thee I seek guidance
                    to that wherein is righteousness and being set right.


          From Thee I seek help
                    in that which is linked to success and favourable response.


          Thee I beseech
                    for the garment of well-being
                              and its completion
                    and for the covering of health
                              and its permanence.
          I seek refuge in Thee, my Lord,
                              from the goadings of the satans,
                    and I seek protection in Thy sovereignty
                              from the injustice of the sovereigns.
          So accept my past prayers and fasting
                    and make my tomorrow and what is after
                    better than my present hour and my today!
          Exalt me in my clan and my people
                    and protect me in my waking and my sleeping!
          For Thou art God, the Best Guardian,
                    and Thou art the Most Merciful of the merciful.290


O God,
          I am quit before Thee
                              on this day of mine
                              and on all Sundays that follow it
                    of associating others with Thee and of heresy,
          and I devote my supplication sincerely to Thee,
                    addressing myself to Thy response.


          So bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad,
                    the best of Thy creation,
                    the summoner to Thy truth,
          exalt me with Thy exaltation,
                    which is never made to suffer loss,
          protect me with Thy eye,
                    which never sleeps,
          and seal
                    my affairs by cutting me off from everything but Thee
                    and my life with forgiveness!
          Surely Thou art the All-forgiving,
                    the All-compassionate!