His Supplication for Help in Repaying Debts


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household
           and release me from a debt
                     which makes me lose face,
                     confuses my mind,
                     disrupts my thinking,
                     and prolongs my occupation with attending to it!


I seek refuge in Thee, my Lord,
                     from worry and thought about debt,
                     from the distraction and sleeplessness of debt;
           so bless Muhammad and his Household
                     and give me refuge from it!
           I seek sanctuary in Thee, my Lord, from
                     debt's abasement in life
                     and its ill effects after death,
           so bless Muhammad and his Household
                     and give me sanctuary from it through
                               a bountiful plenty
                              or a continually arriving sufficiency!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household
          prevent me from extravagance and excess,
          put me on the course of generous spending and moderation,
          teach me excellent distribution,
          hold me back through Thy gentleness from squandering,
          allow me to attain my provisions through lawful means,
          direct my spending toward the gateways of devotion,
          and take away from me any possession
                    which will bring forth pride in me,
                              lead to insolence,
                              or drag me in its heels to rebellion!


O God,
          make me love the companionship of the poor
                     and help me be their companion with excellent patience!


           Whenever Thou takest away from me
                    the goods of this perishing world,
                    store them for me in Thy abiding treasuries!


           Make this world's broken pieces
                               which Thou hast conferred upon me
                    and its goods
                              which Thou hast quickly granted to me
                    a way to reach Thy neighbourhood,
                              a link to Thy nearness,
                              and a means to Thy Garden!
          Verily Thou art Possessor of bounty abounding,
                    and Thou art the Munificent, the Generous.