His Supplication for his Neighbours and Friends

His Supplication for his Neighbours and Friends when he Mentioned them.


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household
          and attend to me with Thy best attending
                    in my neighbours and friends
                    who recognize our right121
                    and war against our enemies!


Give [my neighbours and friends] success in
          performing Thy prescriptions
          and taking on the beauties of Thy courtesy through
                    acting gently with their weak,
                    remedying their lacks,
                    visiting their sick,
                    guiding their seeker of right guidance,
                    giving good counsel to their seeker of advice,
                    attending to the one among them who returns from travel,
                    hiding their secrets,
                    covering over their shameful things,
                    helping their wronged,
                    sharing kindly with them in goods,
          turning toward them with wealth and bestowal of bounty,
                    and giving what is due to them before they ask!


Let me, O God,
          repay their evildoer
                    with good-doing,
          turn away from their wrongdoer
                    with forbearance.
          have a good opinion
                    of every one of them,
          attend to all of them
                    with devotion,
          lower my eyes before them
                    in continence,
          make mild my side toward them
                    in humility,
          be tender toward the afflicted among them
                    in mercy,
          make them happy in absence
                    through affection,
          love that they continue to receive favour
                    through good will,
          grant them
                    what I grant my next of kin,
          and observe for them
                    what I observe for my special friends!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
          provide me the like of that from them,
          appoint for me the fullest share of what is with them,
          increase them
                    in insight toward my right
                    and knowledge of my excellence
          so that they will be fortunate through me
                    and I fortunate through them!
          Amen, Lord of the worlds!