His Supplication for his Children


O God,
          be kind to me through
                     the survival of my children,
                     setting them right for me,
                    and allowing me to enjoy them!


My God,
          make long their lives for me,
          increase their terms,
           bring up the smallest for me,
          strengthen the weakest for me,
          rectify for me
                    their bodies,
                    their religious dedication,
                    and their moral traits,
           make them well in
                     their souls,
                    their limbs,
                     and everything that concerns me of their affair,
           and pour out for me and upon my hand
                     their provisions!


          Make them
                     pious, fearing, insightful, hearing, and obedient
                              toward Thee,
                    loving and well-disposed
                              toward Thy friends,
                    and stubbornly resistant and full of hate
                              toward all Thy enemies!


O God,
          through them
                    strengthen my arm,
                    straighten my burdened back,
                     multiply my number,
                    adorn my presence,
                    keep alive my mention,
                     suffice me when I am away,
                    help me in my needs,
                    and make them
                              loving toward me,
                              affectionate, approaching,
                              upright, obedient,
                              never disobedient, disrespectful,
                              opposed, or offenders!


           Help me in their upbringing,
                    their education,
                    and my devotion toward them,
          give me among them from Thyself male children,
          make that a good for me,
          and make them a help for me
                    in that which I ask from Thee!


          Give me and my progeny refuge from the accursed Satan,
                    for Thou hast created us, commanded us, and prohibited us,
                              and made us
                                        desire the reward of what Thou hast commanded,
                                        and fear its punishment!
                    Thou assigned to us an enemy
                              who schemes against us,
                    gave him an authority over us
                              in a way that Thou didst not give us authority over him,
                    allowed him to dwell in our breasts
                               and let him run in our blood vessels;
                    he is not heedless,
                              though we be heedless,
                    he does not forget,
                               though we forget;
                    he makes us feel secure from Thy punishment
                               and fills us with fear toward other than Thee.


                     If we are about to commit an indecency,
                               he gives us courage to do so,
                     and if we are about to perform a righteous work,
                               he holds us back from it.
                     He opposes us through passions,117
                               and sets up for us doubts.
                     If he promises us, he lies,
                               and if he raises our hopes, he fails to fulfil them.
                     If Thou dost not turn his trickery away from us,
                               he will misguide us,
                     and if Thou dost not protect us from his corruption,
                               he will cause us to slip.


           O God,
                     so defeat his authority over us through Thy authority,
                    such that Thou holdest him back from us
                              through the frequency of our supplication to Thee
                     and we leave his trickery
                               and rise up among those preserved by Thee from sin!


O God,
           grant me my every request,
           accomplish for me my needs,
          withhold not from me Thy response
                     when Thou hast made Thyself accountable for it to me,118
           veil not my supplication from Thyself,
                     when Thou hast commanded me to make it,119
          and be kind to me through everything that will set me right
                              in this world and the next,
                    in everything that I remember or forget,
                    display or conceal,
                     make public or keep secret!


           In all of this, place me through my asking Thee among
                     those who set things right,
                     those who are answered favourably
                                        when they request from Thee
                               and from whom is not withheld
                                         when they put their trust in Thee,


                     those accustomed to seek refuge in Thee,
                    those who profit through commerce with Thee,
                    those granted sanctuary
                              through Thy might,
                     those given lawful provision in plenty from Thy boundless bounty
                               through Thy munificence and generosity,
                    those who reach exaltation after abasement
                               through Thee,
                    those granted sanctuary from wrong
                              through Thy justice,
                     those released from affliction
                              through Thy mercy,
                    those delivered from need after poverty
                               through Thy riches,
                    those preserved from sins, slips, and offenses
                              through reverential fear toward Thee,
                    those successful in goodness, right conduct, and propriety
                               through obeying Thee,
                     those walled off from sins
                               through Thy power,
                     the refrainers from every act of disobedience toward Thee,
                     the dwellers in Thy neighbourhood!


O God,
          give me all of that through Thy bestowal of success and Thy mercy,
          grant us refuge from the chastisement of the burning,
           and give to
                    all the Muslims, male and female,
                              and all the faithful, male and female,
                    the like of what I have asked for myself and my children,
                              in the immediate of this world
                              and the deferred of the next!
          Verily Thou art the Near, the Responder,
                    the All-hearing, the All-knowing,
                    the Pardoner, the Forgiving,
                    the Clement, the Merciful!


           And give to us in this world good,
                    and in the next world good,
                     and protect us from the chastisement of the Fire!120