His Supplication for Well-Being

His Supplication when he Asked God for Well-Being and Thanked Him for it


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household,
           clothe me in Thy well-being,
           wrap me in Thy well-being,
           fortify me through Thy well-being,
           honour me with Thy well-being,
           free me from need through Thy well-being,
           donate to me Thy well-being,
           bestow upon me Thy well-being,
           spread out for me Thy well-being,
           set Thy well-being right for me,
           and separate me not from Thy well-being
                     in this world and the next!


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household
           and make me well with
                     a well-being sufficient, healing, sublime, growing,
                     a well-being that will give birth to well-being in my body,
                     a well-being in this world and the next!


           Oblige me through
                     health, security, and safety in my religion and body,
                     insight in my heart,
                     penetration in my affairs,
                     dread of Thee,
                     fear of Thee,
                     strength for the obedience
                               which Thou hast commanded for me,
                     and avoidance of the disobedience
                               which Thou hast prohibited for me!


O God,
           oblige me through
                     the hajj,
                     the umra,110
                     and visiting the graves of Thy Messenger
                                         (Thy blessings, mercy, and benedictions upon him
                                         and upon his Household)
                               and the Household of Thy Messenger
                                         (upon them be peace)
                               for as long as Thou causest me to live,
                               in this year of mine and in every year,
                     and make that accepted, thanked, and mentioned before Thee
                     and stored away with Thee!


           Make my tongue utter Thy praise, Thy thanksgiving,
                     Thy remembrance, and Thy excellent laudation,
           and expand my heart
                     toward the right goals of Thy religion!


           Give me and my progeny refuge from
                     the accursed Satan,
                     the evil of venomous vermin, threatening pests,
                               swarming crowds, and evil eyes,
                     the evil of every rebel satan,111
                     the evil of every refractory sovereign,
                     the evil of everyone living in ease and served,
                     the evil of everyone weak or strong,
                     the evil of everyone born high or low,
                     the evil of everyone small or great,
                     the evil of everyone near or far,
                     the evil of everyone, jinn or man,
                               who declares war on Thy Messenger and his Household,
                     and the evil of every crawling creature
                               that Thou hast taken by the forelock!
                               Surely Thou art on a straight path.112


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household
           and if someone desires ill for me
                     turn him away from me,
                     drive away from me his deception,
                     avert from me his evil,
                     send his trickery back to his own throat,


                     and place before him a barricade, so that Thou mayest
                               blind his eyes toward me,
                               deafen his ears toward my mention,
                               lock his heart toward recalling me,
                               silence his tongue against me,
                               restrain his head,
                               abase his exaltation,
                               break his arrogance,
                               abase his neck,
                               disjoint his pride,
                               and make me secure from all his injury,
                                         his evil, his slander,
                                         his backbiting, his faultfinding,
                                         his envy, his enmity,
                                         his snares, his traps,
                                         his foot soldiers, and his cavalry!
                     Surely Thou art Mighty, Powerful!