His Supplication in Asking for Water during a Drought


O God,
           water us with rain,
           unfold upon us Thy mercy
                     through Thy copious rain
                               from the driven clouds,
                     so that Thy goodly earth may grow
                               on all horizons!


           Show kindness to Thy servants
                     through the ripening of the fruit,
           revive Thy land
                     through the blossoming of the flowers,
           and let Thy angels - the noble scribes - be witness
                     to a beneficial watering from Thee,
                               lasting in its abundance,
                               plenty in its flow,
                               heavy, quick, soon,


                     through which Thou revivest what has vanished,
                               bringest forth what is coming,
                               and providest plentiful foods,
                     through heaped up, wholesome, productive clouds,
                               in reverberating layers,
                     the rain's downpour
                               not without cease,
                     the lightning's flashes
                               not without fruit!


O God,
           give us water
           through rain,
                     helping, productive, fertilizing,
                     widespread, plentiful, abundant,
           bringing back the risen,
           restoring the broken!


O God,
           give us water with a watering through which Thou wilt
                     make the stone hills pour,
                     fill the cisterns,
                     flood the rivers,
                     make the trees grow,
                     bring down prices in all the lands,
                     invigorate the beasts and the creatures,
                     perfect for us the agreeable things of provision,
                     make grow for us the fields,
                     let flow for us the teats,
                     and add for us strength to our strength!


O God,
           make not the cloud's shadow over us a burning wind,
           allow not its coldness to be cutting,
           let not its pouring down upon us be a stoning,
           and make not its waters for us bitter!


O God,
           bless Muhammad and his Household
           and provide us with the blessings of the heavens and the earth!
           Thou art powerful over everything!97