His Supplication in Perils

His Supplication when Perils were Repelled or Requests quickly granted


O God,
          to Thee belongs praise for Thy excellent accomplishment
                    and for Thy trial which Thou hast turned away from me!
          But make not my share of Thy mercy
                    the well-being which Thou hast quickly granted to me,
          lest I become wretched through what I have loved
                    and someone else gain felicity through what I have disliked!96


If this well-being in which 1 pass the day or night should precede
          a trial that does not cease
                    and a burden that does not pass away,
          then set before me what Thou hadst set behind
                    and set behind me what Thou hadst set before!


          For that which ends in annihilation is not great
                    and that which ends in subsistence is not little.
          And bless Muhammad and his Household!