His Supplication Against Satan

His Supplication when he Mentioned Satan and Sought Refuge from him and from his Enmity and Trickery


O God,
          we seek refuge in Thee
          from the instigations of the accursed Satan,
                    his trickery, and his traps,
          from trust in his false hopes, his promises,
                    his delusions, and his snares,


          and lest he should make himself crave
                    to lead us away from Thy obedience
                    and to degrade us through our disobeying Thee,
          and lest what he has shown us as beautiful be beautiful for us
                    and what he has shown us as detestable weigh down upon us.


O God,
          drive him away from us through Thy worship,
          throw him down through our perseverance in Thy love,
          and place between him and us a covering
                    that he cannot tear away
          and a solid barrier
                    that he cannot cut through!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
          distract Satan from us with some of Thy enemies,
          preserve us from him through Thy good guarding,
          spare us his treachery,
          turn his back toward us,
          and cut off from us his trace!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
          give us to enjoy guidance
                    the like of his misguidance,
          increase us in piety
                    against his seduction,
          and make us walk in reverential fear
                    contrary to his path of ruin!


O God,
          assign him no place of entrance into our hearts
          and do not allow him to make his home in that which is with us!


O God,
          cause us to recognize the falsehood with which he tempts us,
                    and once Thou hast caused us to recognize it,
                    protect us from it!
          Make us see what will allow us to outwit him,
          inspire us with all that we can make ready for him,
          awaken us from the heedless slumber of relying upon him,
          and help us well, through Thy giving success, against him!


O God,
          saturate our hearts with the rejection of his works
          and be gentle to us by destroying his stratagems!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
          turn his authority away from us,
          cut off his hope from us,
          and keep him from craving for us!


O God,
          bless Muhammad and his Household,
           and place our fathers, our mothers,
                              our children, our wives,
                              our siblings, our relatives,
                              and the faithful among our neighbours,
                              male and female,
                    in a sanctuary impregnable to him,
                    a guarding fortress,
                    a defending cave!
          Clothe them in shields protective against him
          and give them arms that will cut him down!


O God,
          include in that everyone who
                    witnesses to Thee as Lord,
                    devotes himself sincerely to Thy Unity,
                    shows enmity toward him
                              through the reality of servanthood,
                    and seeks help from Thee against him
                              through knowledge of the divine sciences!


O God,
          undo what he ties,
          unstitch what he sews up,
          dislocate what he devises,
          frustrate him when he makes up his mind,
          and destroy what he establishes!


O God,
          rout his troops,
          nullify his trickery,
          make his cave collapse,
          and rub his nose in the ground!


O God,
          place us in the ranks of his enemies
                    and remove us from the number of his friends,
          that we obey him not when he entices us
                    and answer him not when he calls to us!
          We command everyone who obeys our command
                    to be his enemy
          and we admonish everyone who follows our prohibition
                    not to follow him!


O God,
          bless Muhammad,
                    the Seal of the prophets and lord of the emissaries,
          and the folk of his house,
                    the good, the pure!
          Give refuge to us, our families, our brothers,
                    and all the faithful, male and female,
                    from that from which we seek refuge,
          and grant us sanctuary from that through fear of which
                    we seek sanctuary in Thee!


          Hear our supplication to Thee,
                    bestow upon us that of which we have been heedless,
                    and safeguard for us what we have forgotten!
          Through all this bring us into the ranks of the righteous
                    and the degrees of the faithful!
          Amen, Lord of the worlds!