His Supplication in Confession

His Supplication in Confession and in Seeking Repentance toward God


O God,
          three traits have prevented me from asking Thee
          and one trait has urged me on:


I am prevented by
          a command Thou hast commanded
                    in which I have been slow,
          a prohibition Thou hast prohibited
                    toward which I have hurried,
          and a favour through which Thou hast favoured
                    for which I have not given sufficient thanks.


I am urged to ask Thee
          by Thy gratuitous bounty upon him who
                    turns his face toward Thee
                    and comes to Thee with a good opinion,
          since all Thy beneficence is gratuitous bounty
                    and every one of Thy favours a new beginning!


So here I am, my God,
          standing at the gate of Thy might,
                    the standing of the lowly, the surrendered,
          asking Thee in my shame,
                    the asking of the destitute, the pitiful,


          admitting to Thee that
                    at the time of Thy beneficence I surrendered not
                              save through abstaining from disobedience toward Thee
                    and in none of my states was I ever without
                              Thy Kindness.