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Introduction: Why the Theory of Evolution?


          To Be Freed From Prejudice

Blind Materialism

Mass Evolutionist Indoctrination


Imaginary Mechanisms Of Evolution

Natural Selection

Butterflies of the Industrial Revolution

Can Natural Selection Explain Complexity?




The Fossil Record Refutes Evolution

The Ever-missing Links

Life Emerged on Earth Suddenly and in Complex Forms



Deceptive Fossil Interpretations Of Evolutionists

 Evolution Forgeries

Piltdown Man: An Orang-utan Jaw and a Human Skull!

Nebraska Man: A Single Pig Tooth

Ota Benga: The African Native Put Into a Cage



The Scenario Of Human Evolution

The Imaginary Family Tree of Man

Australopithecus : An Ape Species

Homo Habilis: The Ape that was Presented as Human

Homo Rudolfensis: The Face Wrongly Joined

Homo Erectus and Thereafter: Real Human Beings

Neanderthals: A Robust Human Race

Homo Sapiens Archaic, Homo Heilderbergensis and Cro-Magnon Man

Species Living in the Same Age as Their Ancestors

The Secret History of Homo Sapiens

A Hut 1.7 Million Years Old and Footprints of Modern Man 3.6 Million Years Old!

The Bipedalism Impasse of Evolution

Evolution: An Unscientific Faith



The Impasse Of Molecular Evolution

The Tale of the "Cell Produced by Chance"

The Miracle in the Cell and the End of the Theory of Evolution

Proteins Challenge Coincidences

Left-handed Proteins

Correct Bond is Vital

Zero Probability

Is There a Trial and Error Mechanism in Nature?

The Evolutionary Fuss Made About Looking for Answers to the Generation of Life

Millerís experiment

Millerís Experiment was Nothing but Make-believe

Primordial World Atmosphere and Proteins

Protein Synthesis is not Possible in Water

Another Desperate Effort: Foxís Experiment

The Miraculous Molecule: DNA

Can DNA Come into Being by Chance?

Another Evolutionist Vain Attempt: "The RNA World"




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  Imaginary Mechanisms
  The Fossil Record's Refutations
  Deceptive Fossil Interpretations

Evolution Forgeries



The Scenario Of Human Evolution
  The Impasse Of  Molecular Evolution